For some places around the earth fresh water is a luxury and here in Canada we are lucky to have so much fresh water. Canadian water is in lakes, rivers, and glaciers. Canada’s freshwater deposit is one of the largest deposits on the planet. Canada is home to 20% of the world's fresh water supply (__,__June 2012). Trading this water could be a great benefit to Canada’s economic decline, but as freshwater is becoming scarce there is also the option to keep our own water. The sale of this water would not only impact Canada economy but also the citizens that would rely on the use of this fresh water. The countries that Canada would trade this water with would also be at a great benefit. Some countries citizens already have to walk for miles to get drinking water and even that water in not sanitary . Clean Fresh water is an extreme luxury even if it is so basic. Trade could benefit Canadians or it could harm them (, June 8). Trade could benefit other countries citizens. The question is whether or not to sell.The effects of trade could be drastic for other countries that will receive the clean fresh water. It has the potential to save millions of lives now.
The worlds Fresh Water

What Is the Issue and why is a Canadian Issue

This is a troubling issue because this is something that will affect all sooner or later. The fresh water crisis
is becoming a concern to all governments. For some it already is. Fresh water is one of the most basic of needs for sustainable life, and yet sometimes it is the most difficult resource to obtain. Our world is moving closer and closer to a global water crisis. The way our population is growing, and the demand for water is going through the roof but the amount of fresh water on planet will stay the same. Trading our water could be a good or bad thing.The only draw back is that if things do not work out the way they should Canadian citizens are the ones that will pay the price. Citizens are also the ones that would benefit if things do work out. better roads, health care, etc. The world is using water is various ways and it is being used up quickly. As salt water is not safe to drink fresh water is all we have so it should not be abused.

fresh Water


The Canadian government and citizens are who owns our fresh water. As there is no actual company name to Canada's fresh water it is the countries. Selling could be a huge change for citizens. Canadian Citizens are the ones who would pay the price for the decision on whether to trade our freshwater or to hold on to the water. The countries that would receive the fresh water would also have a very large opinion in the matter, but the final say would fall to to Canadians and our government. The supply and demand aspect of this issue is tremendously out of sync. the supply is very limited and the demand is virtually endless. as the video explains. the purity level of fresh water in developing countries is low and the trade of clean fresh drinking water to them would be a great improvement for daily life for their citizens. The video explains the benefits of providing fresh drinking water to developing countries but it doesn't explain what the consequences for the countries trading the water away.
The Canadian government stakeholder

Advantages and disadvantages

The fresh water issue is one of our growing concerns because of increasing population and depleting water levels. As many countries grow nearer to their water crisis, Trading our water, as it was stated before, could be the answer to economic decline now. It would make quality of life better and there would be more money to fix roads, build parks, etc. As money at some point will deplete, Trading our water will postpone that problem as well as bringing the water crisis closer. The economic boost would be substantial to the quality of life in Canada. We are always trying to improve the quality of life for our country and citizens. trading our fresh water resources could be the big boost that everyone has been looking for.
A potential new park

Trading our freshwater could be one of our country's biggest mistakes ever. It could be the the thing that drives our country to an easy life now but our descendants will pay the price when the earth’s fresh water resources have run out. Trading Canadian freshwater could be what our country needs right now to boost our economy but in a few years the economy will drop again and we will fall into another recession. The trade of our fresh water would not be in our countries best interest because as soon as our resources are depleted, we are the ones who will have to buy it back. This trade would only be temporary.

The Four Spheres of Issue Anaysis

Economically the trade of Canada’s fresh water would be a great thing. It would be a huge boost to economic decline here in Canada. the boost in our economy would be great, it would mean that the quality of life here will get much better. The roads could be fixed, community centers could be built, etc.
Trading our fresh water would also mean that the environment would also be impacted. The pollution of the shipping and the means of collecting our fresh water could harm our environment greatly. The trucks roaring in quiet communities and the loss of water when it is sold.
As the fresh water would be sold to other parts of the world they would benefit and their citizens would be healthier and more social. If they live in developing countries their quality of life will be subject to the improvement made by having clean drinking water. Whether we sell or not Canadian citizens will be social about it. If we sell it may not be very good talk about our government, but if we do not sell then the social aspect would not change very much.
From a political standpoint the trade of fresh water would set parties even more against each other. the trade of our fresh water could split our governments views of our country.
A potential new road


Trading our water is a short term solution to economic decline. Whereas protecting our water resources is a long term solution when water becomes very scarce. Trading Water with the united states and the rest of the world could be a good thing, the one thing we would have to worry about is what would happen when we run out of Fresh Water. In my opinion the easy solution would be to sell a portion of our fresh water supply and to keep and protect the majority for Canadian usage.To me it seems like the logical solution because we do want to protect our water resources but at the same time we do not want people in other countries to suffer because of our protection.

A chart of economic decline in canada

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