In the last 5 years the world has become more and more aware of the effects that power generation has had on the environment. Not only have we polluted are natural resources such as various water bodies and the air, we have almost depleted are supply of fossil fuels. As the world realized its dependency on a fuel source that may disappear countries looked for alternate power generation methods. For example, in ontario a plan has been made to phase out coal power. Ontario will convert current coal plants to burn biomass along with creating hydro power stations, solar farms, wind farms and nuclear power plants. In the following article I will discuss the pros and cons of possibly the most controversial of those, nuclear power.


What is Nuclear Power?
Nuclear power is generated through the delicate process of splitting uranium atoms. When split they create a tremendous amount of heat (nuclear fission), that can be used to convert water into steam. The steam is then used to power a turbine that spins a generator creating power.
Nuclear Power In Ontario
The reactors that are used in Ontario used to create nuclear energy are known as CANDU (CANadian Deuterium Uranium) reactors. There are currently two major nuclear power plants in Ontario; Pickering, and Darlington. Pickering Nuclear is located on the shores of Lake Ontario in east Toronto. It has six operating CANDU reactors, with an overall output generating capacity of 3,100 MW, and is one of the world’s largest generating facilities. Darlington Nuclear is also located in east Toronto, in the Municipality of Clarington. It is Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG) newest CANDU. The 4-unit station has an overall output generating capacity of 3,512 MW.

Issue Analysis
The overall issue that surrounds nuclear power stems from the question Is it really worth it?
All though nuclear power virtually contributes to none of the co2 emissions that harm our atmosphere is it worth the waste is produces? Nuclear power produces copious amounts of nuclear waste that we currently have no way of disposing of.
Nuclear power does not produce any harmful co2 emissions it requires large amounts of uranium. Uranium is currently a very rare resource. Scientists estimate we will have completely depleted are supply within the next 60 years. Why is nuclear Power a Canadian issue? Currently Canadians are looking for alternative sources of energy and Nuclear Energy is a very viable option
Nuclear energy creates a very large amount of energy very quickly however it is dependent on uranium and has a high capital cost.
Nuclear energy has the potential to be the majority power generation source for Canada in the future, but will we seize the opportunity?

external image nuclear-waste.png

A Nuclear Waste storage center in the United States.
Stake Holders
Nuclear power has the attention of many people in Ontario. Nuclear power is an extremely controversial topic, multiple members of parliament have very direct views about it both good and bad. The most common of argument that surrounds nuclear power is to do with the waste generated by plants. Nuclear waste is long lasting, unstable and extremely dangerous over all.

The Four Spheres of Issue AnalysisEconomic-A nuclear power plant does not come cheap, it can take up to some 20 years to build and implement. But the money saved may be worth it. Nuclear power creates a extremely large amount of energy and produces very minimal amounts of pollution. So is the extra cash worth saving our environment?
Environmental-One of the most valuable quality's of nuclear power is that it creates almost zero harmful co2 emissions that lead to acid rain and raise green house gas levels. One of nuclear's powers largest assets may be its environmental sustainability. Over all nuclear powers environmental sustainability can not be compared.
Social-Socially nuclear power is mostly a non issue other than the fact that tax payers pay to build the power plants and some receive energy from the plants. If tax payers support Nuclear energy that should vote a rep in that does to, if they don't support it they should vote for a non supporting rep.
Political- Politically nuclear power is a iffy topic. In general most politicians do not have a solid opinion on the issue unless a nuclear plant is in there region.


  • Nuclear power generations produces almost zero carbon dioxide emissions that harm a our atmosphere
  • Nuclear technology is already available, saving time and money.
  • Very high amounts of energy can be generated in only one plant

  • Radioactive waste, in order for nuclear power to be generated copious amounts of uranium must be used leaving extremely large amounts of nuclear waste. There is still no way to actually dispose of it.
  • Nuclear power is outright dangerous. Although theoretically accidents should never happen, they do. Multiple nuclear meltdowns have occurred in the last 3 decades leaving parts of countries devastated and uninhabitable.
  • In this day and age terrorism is to real of threat to be ignored when making decisions. If a nuclear plant were to be struck by the same forces as 9/11 the whole world would face the consequences.
  • Nuclear Power plants take a very long time to build, it would take a minimum of 20 years to plan and build a plant.
  • Nuclear power generation depends on uranium as a ‘fuel’ source. Scientists predict if we continue building and using nuclear energy at our current rate we will have completely depleted are supply with in 60 years.
  • The same nuclear waste we have no way of disposing of can be used to make nuclear weapons.

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Chernobyl Meltdown.

Throughout my writing I really had taken no solid side on whether or not I supported nuclear power or not. I think that although nuclear power's fuel source (Uranium) will be completely consumed within the next 60 years we should continue to use nuclear energy. As we continue I think we need to explore other avenues while perfecting what we have. Overall I support nuclear energy as I support making the most out of what we have.